Carrom, also referred to as Karrom, is a popular game in the Middle East and surrounding areas. The game is similar to a combination of billiards and shuffleboard, while being much more portable. It involves a tabletop board, and some small game pieces. As its popularity grows, more people are learning to play and love Carrom.

How to Play

01. Purchase a Carrom board
- The board should be a smooth wooden square of 72-74 centimeters.

02. Collect the pieces needed to play Carrom
- The game involves a Carrom Board nine black or dark playing pieces, nine white or light-colored playing pieces, a red queen and a striker.

03. Place the queen in the center of the Carrom board
- The queen is the red playing piece. Begin by placing the queen in the small circle in the center of the board. The remaining dark and light pieces will be arranged around the queen within the larger circle.

04. Arrange the light and dark playing pieces
- Place the first light piece along the diagonal from the queen, in the direction of the pocket where you would like to strike the piece. Alternate dark, then light pieces in a circle, clockwise, using the queen as the center point.

05. Determine who will strike first
- One player will hold a game piece in one hand. The other player must guess which hand conceals the game piece.

06. Choose your seat at the Carrom board
- The player who strikes first will be seated in the position facing the lighter pieces.

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